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We are on a mission to DISCIPLE and EQUIP women and children.

Sharing the hope of the Gospel drives everything we do.

​​We currently have women's Bible studies meeting weekly in 5 different villages.  This allows us to share the hope of the Gospel with hurting women, many of whom raise children and lead their families on their own.  By God's grace, these women are learning to hunger for and study God's Word, encourage one another, and lead their families in a godly manner.


Half the population of Nicaragua is under the age of 25, and less than 30% complete primary school.  The Bible tells us that children are of great worth and value to God's Kingdom, so we take that seriously!  This ministry spends time developing relationships, having fun, and speaking Truth into the lives of children.  The end goal of all of it is to see them join the family of God!


Jesus commands His followers to be witnesses of His grace, but also to make disciples and teach them His commands.  As the Spirit of God draws people to Himself, it is our mission to teach them His Word and help them grow as His disciples.  This is done in small groups and one-on-one, specifically with those identified as leaders within their communities.  Prayerfully, these leaders will one day take on the role of discipling others.


Nicaragua is in the midst of a multi-year drought and a severe economic crisis.  As a result, many families struggle to find enough food.  Our ministry visits the communities around Somotillo and provides filling and nutritious chicken stew for families.  It is a true privilege to share the Bread of Life with these people as they stand in line with bowls, buckets, and containers to receive physical nourishment as well.


Short-term teams are a vital part of our ministry!  They bring energy, resources, and excitement to the programs in Nicaragua.  Our prayer is that they return home changed and invigorated to share the Gospel with those they encounter and that they will intentionally seek how God would have them be involved in His mission in the world.

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We believe that relationships are the heart of our ministry.  Time has proven that short-term teams are most effective and committed when they personally know the people they serve, and those in our communities are most impacted when they know the people coming to them.  To that end, we have developed a program to partner churches in the US and Nicaragua.  Find out more here!



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