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As is the case for most people, the year 2020 has not turn out how I planned.  After only 2 weeks in Nicaragua, I made the decision to return to the US as a result of the COVID pandemic.  It took quite some time for me to get over my disappointment and nagging sense of failure, but GOD IS FAITHFUL!  Even in this weird and uncertain time, He has given me a path and a way to pursue the calling He has placed on my heart.  My sweet little hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, has a growing Spanish-speaking population and they have been disproportionately affected by this virus.  Through some "random" connections and conversations, God has forged relationships with pastors, organizations, and Hispanic families in my own back yard.  What started as providing boxes of food to families unable to work has turned into compiling resources, making informational videos in Spanish, and brainstorming ways to help kids with virtual school.  How amazing that God can use any and every situation to bring Himself glory and to make His Name known to the nations!

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